CBD Oil Benefits

This natural substance has incredible potential in the medical field but its use is still highly controversial. The controversy stems largely from the confusion as to what it is given its similarity with a banned substance and its origins. Cannabidiol oil comes from the plant cannabis. It is one of the numerous compounds that can be extracted from the plant. Its reputation is tainted because of its close association with THC, a compound that is an active ingredient in marijuana. However, it should be emphasized that the two are different things with distinct effects on the body. This article explores these difference and CBD oil’s incredible potential. For the best CBD help oil, click here.

CBD is Not Psychoactive

THC is considered dangerous by some because of the way that it alters the mind. When consumed, people experience a high in an altered state. They do not experience the world as it is. They would often hallucinate and become anxious. Users would often break them down with heat through cooking or smoking. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychoactive. It does not produce the same high that people crave when they ingest THC. However, it does have interesting effects on the body that deserves further studies. Its usual source today is hemp, not marijuana. The possible medical benefits are numerous. They should not be dismissed before a thorough exploration has been completed.

Method of Operation

Once they make their way into the body, cannabinoids try to attach themselves to receptors in order to produce their natural effects. There are two of them, referred to as CB1 and CB2 receptors. The first one can be found in abundance inside the brain with some being spread out all over the body. THC is known to attach to these receptors. They can affect mood, emotions, memories, appetite, coordination, and more. CB2 receptors, meanwhile, are more prevalent in the immune system. They are known to affect pain and inflammation. It should be noted that the body also produces some cannabinoid compounds by itself. CBD does seem to act directly on either receptor but instead influences the body to use its own compounds.

Pain Relief

Pain is often dealt with by using over-the-counter drugs. We pop a pill and wait for the ache to subside. This is usually effective with headaches, joint pains, toothaches, period cramps, and other minor annoyances. More excruciating types of pain, on the other hand, require more potent medicine that can only be acquired through prescription. These can be recommended for chronic pain as well. CBD can be another alternative for patients. It has been tested on rats in the laboratory and was found to reduce inflammation and pain by a significant amount. It is also being used to relieve pain caused by fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Epilepsy Treatment

Epilepsy is an incredibly difficult condition to live with as the seizures may attack at any time, incapacitating the patient and rendering him helpless. Researchers are continuously looking for ways to control the risk factors and allow people to lead normal lives. CBD has been found to have anti-seizure properties. It also has a low risk of side effects which makes it a highly attractive path to pursue researchers. Indeed, CBD may also be used in dealing with other neuropsychiatric disorders. Its effects on the brain are similar to some antipsychotic drugs. It has been deemed safe for use by patients suffering from schizophrenia.

Withdrawal Reduction

Addictive substances, by their very nature, make it hard to quit. Once a person is hooked, it can take tremendous effort and outside intervention to get rid of the habit. Tobacco smoking is a good example as it involves millions and has been the subject of countless studies. Nicotine withdrawal can be excruciating, leading many to get more puffs just to gain relief. Others are steeling themselves and looking for alternatives such as nicotine replacement therapy using patches and gums. Now people are also using e-cigarettes that have some nicotine content but no toxic burnt tobacco. CBD oil can be added to the list as it can reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Cancer Treatment

The race for a cure for cancer has been furious with labs around the world exploring novel ways to treat this deadly disease once and for all. There have been many advances throughout the year’s thanks to the efforts and creativity of tireless researchers. CBD has been touted by some as a possible treatment thanks to its ability to block the spread of affected cells around the body. This gives doctors more time to look for ways to mitigate the situation. It also allows the patients to have a good quality of life much longer. More studies are required before this can become the standard treatment.